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From Function to Fashion: How My Perspective on Quality Eyewear Has Evolved

Updated: Apr 15

Hi, my name's Haleemah, digital marketing apprentice here at The Spectacle Factory.

Before I began my journey at The Spectacle Factory, glasses were merely a tool used in order to see. The only form of style that I considered when it came to eyewear was sunglasses - more specifically the classic ray ban wayfarer style.

Models wearing Ray Ban wayfarer style sunglasses

I had no idea of the possibilities your eyewear could reach - from custom tints, flash coatings, photofusion technologies, gradients, the list goes on and that's just the lenses!

Check out the video below to find out all of the different possibilities your lenses can have...

 When it comes to frames the choices are endless, ranging from lightweight titanium, bold acetate to solid gold. Each having their own advantages, for example a Reykjavik Eyes frame, made from robust titanium, so durable and flexible you can bend the arms entirely without breaking the frame or having a screw go missing as there are no screws to begin with! The frame is made from a single sheet of titanium, perfect for an everyday pair - who knew eyewear could be so diverse and creative. 

3 Reykjavik Eyes gold edition frames

There are many eyewear brands out there, ones that you can find on the high street; mass produced with low quality finishings and manufacturing and ones that focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Here at The Spectacle Factory, we like to focus on the latter, we source brands that are unique, well crafted and independently owned as this means that the brands have full control over the manufacturing processes without having to compromise on quality.

close up of a Masunaga frame and its detailed craftsmanship

An example of this would be Masunaga - a Japanese eyewear brand passed down through generations, prepared to take a loss in order to maintain the craftsmanship of the eyewear they produce, refusing to compromise on quality.

Its brands like these that make eyewear feel special and truly luxurious. 

Closeup of Masunaga frame and its detailed craftsmanship

I never realised the value of eyewear - more specifically an eyewear wardrobe - having multiple unique pairs to wear at different occasions to create a cohesive, stylised look. Eyewear is something that truly elevates your style and enhances not only the way you see the world, but how the world gets to see you. 

Male model wearing rimless Barton Perriera frames


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