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Quick Glasses Repairs in Standish, Efficient, Professional, While You Wait

The dog’s tail is wagging and it’s clear you need quick glasses repairs in Standish. At this point, it doesn’t matter how he got a hold of your glasses and asking ‘why’ is futile. What matters now is that you have a busy schedule and you need prescription glasses before you do anything else. Schedule an appointment with us at The Spectacle Factory and come in. Choose your frames if you need new ones. We’ll get your correct prescription. Then, while you relax with a coffee or tea, our on-site lab will assemble your new eyewear. Isn’t that a relief? We know when you are in a bind, then find how easy the fix is, it’s awesome. But, in all honesty, for us, it’s just business as usual.

Glasses in one day, while you wait is something we do repeatedly every day. Be assured that in Standish, quick glasses repairs and replacements doesn’t mean less quality. We have the highest quality standards in everything we do and that includes glasses repairs and replacements.  Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who purchased your original glasses from us. If so, then you are probably one of our VIP members. For you, this chewed frame may not be a total loss. Maybe all you need is a stem replacement or some other simple repair like a new lens or screws replaced and tightened. The repair service is free and fast.

We’ll do your quick glasses repairs in Standish. We have a dedicated repair service area. Once the repairs are complete, we’ll check every area of the frame for loose screws or nose pieces and scratched or dirty lenses. When everything is tight, we will thoroughly clean them for you. Finally, we adjust them to fit you perfectly just as we did the first time you bought these glasses. And just like that, your crisis is over and the repairs did not cost you money. Contact The Spectacle Factory for quick glasses repairs. If you were not a VIP member this first time around, jump on that opportunity this time. You can see what a money-saving and time-saving service it is.


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