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Polarised Sunglasses in Croston

There is a long history behind polarised sunglasses in Croston which is interesting. We stock and supply a vast range of frames and sunglasses by some of the biggest universal brand names. They have come a long way from the prehistoric wooden and walrus glasses which had slits in them to block out most of the glaring rays of the sun. The Chinese used flat panes of smoky quartz in the 12th century to protect the eyes from glare. In the early 20th century sunglasses began to be specifically designed to block out ultraviolet light. Sunglasses then picked up popularity in the 1920s and by 1938 they were a major fashion trend. Polarised sunglasses were invented in 1936 when lenses became available with a patented filter.

Most people today own at least one pair of sunglasses as a fashion accessory. In Croston, polarised sunglasses are the best type to purchase. They not only offer protection against excessive exposure to light but prevent UV radiation from damaging the eyes. Polarised sunglasses are mostly used to reduce the glare from surfaces such as water, snow or glass. Glare distorts the true colour of objects and makes them harder to distinguish so many sportspeople use these glasses in order to see clearly when participating in an event or when practising.  They come in a variety of colours depending on the material that they are manufactured from. In general, the darker the colour of the lenses, the higher the levels of polarisation will be.

We have one of the widest ranges of polarised sunglasses in Croston. Contact The Spectacle Factory today or visit our showroom to see the amazing variety of top quality sunglasses for all types of sport. We have many types of sports sunglasses and will have the right glasses for you. 90 % of sports related eye injuries are preventable with the right eyewear so make sure you get the correct glasses for your sport. Our helpful team will advise you on the best sunglasses for your unique requirements. We can product virtually any prescription in almost any frame and make sure that the frame is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing glasses.


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