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Oxford Vaughan Sunglasses in Longton

Ramp up your style quotient with Oxford Vaughan sunglasses in Longton from The Spectacle Factory. We offer a dazzling array of choices in eyewear. Our customers rely on us for providing them with premium quality products, affordable pricing and 100% customer satisfaction. With more than 300 styles and designs of sunnies to choose from, you’re sure to find something that matches your requirements. We are also known for the highest standards of care and our friendly, professional approach to each and every client.

All our lenses are manufactured exclusively by the leading brands in this sector such as Carl Zeiss and Hoya.  In Longton, Oxford Vaughan sunglasses represent style, luxury and superb performance. It’s also the preferred brand of the British Armed forces. Our team is passionate about working with clients and helping them to arrive at the best possible solutions. We work six days a week and if you’d like a consultation, you can book an appointment over the telephone or complete the form available on our website. With more than two decades’ experience in this sector, what sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. Being a local business, we have established strong ties in the communities we serve. Along with this, we provide our customers with access to the best of technology, materials, products and information available across world markets.

Making Oxford Vaughan sunglasses in Longton available to our customers has been a feather in our cap. This quintessentially British company has been the byword for craftsmanship, aesthetics and quality for three generations. These products are tailored to suit almost anyone and what sets them apart is that every product is completely assembled by hand. For more information about our Oxford Vaughan sunglasses, contact us today. These sunglasses are precision engineered via an extremely complex process that involves 140 stages. Oxford Vaughan sunglasses are painstakingly manufactured using a range of precious metals like Zylonite, gold, aircraft grade Titanium and top-quality Zeiss lenses. Every pair comes in its own handcrafted wooden presentation box, encased in a hand-stitched Italian leather case. A warning – choosing between models like Aviators, Speedbird, Super Yacht, Monte Carlo can be difficult!


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