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Opticians in Walmer Bridge

For expert opticians in Walmer Bridge, look no further than The Spectacle Factory. They strive to offer the most innovative treatments and solutions for eye and sight problems, and believe that service and treatment are as individual as you are. The Spectacle Factory recognises the multifaceted requirements of eye care and vision improvement, and offer an individualised, tailored service for every customer. They have corrective lenses in a variety of styles and frames for eyewear, sunwear, sportswear and safetywear. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of having your glasses made or repaired while you wait, with their on-site manufacturing facilities. For a truly unique look, custom designs can be made to fit any head size, and you can select your lens size, shape and colour, shade or gradient tinting.

In Walmer Bridge, opticians at The Spectacle Factory are a well-knit team, including a PhD graduate and a university lecturer, and you are assured that they will give you the most accurate results. Their state-of-the-art three-step programme is specifically designed to enhance and optimize your eyesight. Step one is for you to get a prescription from one of these highly skilled opticians. Next, they will programme your prescription requirements into one of their in-store iPads using VisuReal software, which will allow you to virtually test out a vast variety of different lenses to find the best lens for your eyesight. Improved sight does not end there though. Step Three involves a complete analysis using the sophisticated iTerminal to incorporate essential personal data such as your posture, your leading eye, and the exact position of your lenses on your face. This information, while seemingly less significant to the improvement of your eyesight, is vitally important for clarity and sharpness of vision, focusing ability and reducing eye strain.

The Spectacle Factory’s highly qualified opticians in Walmer Bridge aim to incorporate the latest technological advances in optometry with professional, quality service tailored to individual clients’ needs. They believe that style, comfort, performance and durability are the foundations of eyewear, and strive to deliver all these qualities. For clearer vision and stylish, individually optimised glasses, choose The Spectacle Factory. For more information about opticians, contact The Spectacle Factory.



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