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New Releases – J F Rey 2020 – Designer Glasses

This article covers some of the new releases from one our favourite frame designers; Jean Francois Rey. His brand, J F Rey, is known for unique, avant-garde eyewear that tends to be 1-2 seasons ahead of the pack when it comes to trends. You could say Jean Francois Rey creates the fashions, rather than follows them. If you’re looking for the ultimate designer glasses, this is where you should start. J F Rey frames are also very expressive in their use of colour. The new J F Rey releases exclusive to our store all fit into the following categories:

We’ve talked a lot about minimalism being a big trend recently, and this has brought rimless glasses back into focus. The ‘Fine Concept’ frames are a completely new take on rimless eyewear, and we love the way J F Rey has somehow made minimalist glasses, bold. Combine these frames with a tint for an even more effective look.

We’re not quite sure what ‘Delys’ means. But we’re in no doubt about what Delys frames stand for – ultra on-trend aviator styles in eye-catching colour combinations. The colours are applied by hand using a syringe for a stark contrast between the frames’ primary and secondary tones.

The beautiful intricacy of Wave frames makes them stand apart from any other designer glasses. They take a bit of getting used to when you first try them on, but be brave with your choice and you’ll be rewarded with lots of compliments and curiosity from other people.

The ‘Shell’ concept is a favourite of ours, a collection we pre-ordered at the end of last year. The newest shapes are more geometric and angular, which adds to their effectiveness (reminiscent of these Chloe styles which have been super popular this year). These frames look amazing as sunglasses, too, as you can see from the Instagram post below:

A post shared by JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY (@jfreyofficial) on Aug 5, 2020 at 11:26pm PDT

In Summary.

Designer glasses from J F Rey collection are not cheap – they are all designed and hand-made in France in relatively small quantities. They cost around £400, but you are getting a level of quality and exclusivity that is hard to find nowadays, where so many glasses look the same.

We now offer personal styling advice by video call as well as in-store, so no matter where you are, you can experience the full J F Rey collection and find your perfect pair of designer glasses. Speak to Robert by either calling us on 01772 312213 or emailing for a personal style consultation. There will also be a video review of the new J F Rey collections coming soon to our YouTube channel.


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