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Looking for the best clip-on sunglasses?

The concept of sunglass attachments that clip on to optical frames has been around for a long time. But traditionally they have been clumsy to attach and rarely fit perfectly, leaving wearers looking just plain silly. So if you’re looking for a clip on attachment for frames you already have, I’m sorry to say you are in the wrong place, because I really do not recommend those. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses and save yourself having to put up with something that just doesn’t work very well or look good at all. But there is a new wave of optical frames specifically designed to have a clip-on sunglass attachment, which work extremely well, and that is what I’m going to feature in this blog. There are 3 brands (that I know of, at least) currently producing frames that come with a magnetic sunglass attachment, and it’s the magnetic fixture that makes these work so much better. Those brands are ‘ECO’, ‘POLAROID’ and ‘NANOVISTA’.

Attaching or removing the clip-on is incredibly easy. They are slim and easy to carry, and you simply cannot put them on wrong. They also go together seamlessly, so no one knows you aren’t wearing sunglasses. You will notice the detail in the top corner of many of these frames, which shows where the magnets are placed: On some models, the magnet is virtually invisible:

The ‘ECO’ collection (find out more about them here) also has the benefit of being possible the most environmentally friendly eyewear range. They are made from biobased or recycled materials, and for each one you buy, a tree is planted. They are one of our most popular ranges of frames, so much so that we filmed a video all about them for our YouTube channel.

Why Polarised?

All our ECO and POLAROID clip on sunglasses are polarised. This makes a huge difference to your vision compared to regular tinted lenses:

Polarised lenses eliminate blinding glare, which isn’t affected by tinted lenses, and they also enhance colours and contrast. This can make driving safer in certain conditions, but it generally makes your vision clearer when wearing them.

Clip on sunglasses for kids?

NANOVISTA frames are the best kids’ frames on the market. In terms of comfort, they are way ahead of most glasses, having been designed from start to finish by paediatricians. They are also virtually unbreakable, which is probably the holy-grail if you’re looking for glasses for your child!

Each frame even comes with a variety of different sports straps, which means they are perfect for almost any activity. When you add a polarised sunclip to all that, it’s difficult to imagine a more ideal pair of glasses.

If you’d like to know more about the options available to you when it comes to clip-on sunglasses, you can tweet me @specfactory, email me via, or call us on 01772 312213.


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