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Lenses in Longton

Lenses in Longton are best prescribed by qualified professional optometrists. At The Spectacle Factory, our experienced team consists of, amongst others a University lecturer and a PHD graduate. Our careful and caring team spend far longer on intensive consultations than most other optometrists. Using the latest available high quality equipment and new innovative techniques we can improve the clarity and contrast of your vision with the latest high tech lenses that are designed for your unique requirements. These lenses can also improve your night vision and widen your peripheral vision.

In Longton, lenses are only one of the things that our optometrists take into consideration when consulting and prescribing new glasses for you. Our very thorough examination takes into account that everyone sees things differently and so use technologically advanced Visureal software to establish exactly what type of lenses are required to enhance and improve your vision. We also use the iTerminal to incorporate aspects like your natural posture and habits to establish which lenses would suit you best. The iTerminal also takes into consideration your leading eye which helps you refocus quickly and accurately at different distances, and the position of the lenses on your face to ensure you have the best vision and the most comfortable fit.

Lenses in Longton are not only made for correcting vision but are also available in sports glasses. These are made using very durable materials and are made to give you wider peripheral vision as most sports require wide views. The sports glasses also cover larger areas of your eyes to protect you from any possible impacts that may be caused during your sporting activities. We have the ability to fit your lenses into almost any available frame you choose and our team of specialists will advise and help you choose your frames to suit your lifestyle and fashion needs. You can be quite sure that your new eyewear will change your life and enhance your vision. To find out more about lenses, contact The Spectacle Factory.



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