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Kids Eye Tests in Croston

You want kid’s eye tests in Croston to be friendly and not scare the little ones. If you suspect your child has problems with their vision then you need to visit our experts. The recommendation may come from school when the teacher realises the child is struggling to see a board or read a book.  We have exceptionally highly qualified opticians.  One is a PhD graduate and another is a university lecturer which makes our team one of the most highly qualified available. We spend 50 % longer than the industry average on the examination to ensure we uncover any problems. We also use the latest state of the art technology to make sure that the glasses prescribed are perfect for your eyes.

If your child needs glasses bring them to us. In Croston, kid’s eye tests are done extremely thoroughly.  We are expert at ascertaining what the child needs.  Children grow and their eyesight will change as they grow up.  We have a range of children’s frames that have been designed to fit little ones perfectly and are very stylish.  This helps with the child’s confidence as many children are teased about wearing glasses but no-one will be anything but envious of your child’s designer glasses. The glasses for children have been designed by Spanish Paediatricians to be virtually indestructible with no tiny screws that could work loose.

When you need kids eye tests in Croston visit our professional offices with caring consultants. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and make an appointment for your child. We manufacture the glasses to your specific requirements so that they are comfortable and unlikely to put pressure on the bridge of your nose. A child will usually find their first glasses uncomfortable so it is a good idea to take time to let them try on a number of our frames. We will then make the glasses, most often while you wait. Our workshop can make almost all prescription glasses immediately. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians will ensure the perfect fit and can adjust the frames to make them as comfortable as possible.


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