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How to stop your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask due to Covid-19

Anti-Fog wipes for glasses will stop your specs from steaming up when you’re masked up!

Are you frustrated because your glasses keep fogging up?

Glasses fogging up while wearing a face mask is a challenge most people wearing glasses face. With the advent of Covid-19, most of us have discovered that face masks and glasses do not get on. We are pleased to offer a fantastic solution to glasses fogging up: Hoya Clear-It-Anti-Fog Wipes. Think of them as a miracle solution. Regular cleaning cloths work to clean your glasses, but unfortunately, they don’t prevent them from fogging up again and again as you breathe. Clear-It Anti-Fog wipes are manufactured by Hoya. Hoya produces excellent quality lenses, and are the industry leaders in lens coatings. That’s why we can confidently say that these are excellent quality and will not damage the coating of your lenses, unlike other products that are available. If you are interested in your own anti-fog wipes, this pack of three wipes is ideal as each wipe comes in its own convenient to carry pouch. The size of each wipe is 13cm x 13cm, and while they are small, they are extremely effective. They are safe to use as many times as you need to. The wipe itself is quite a dry cloth, and after using it on your glasses, you’ll notice that your glasses dry completely clear. The great news is that each time you wipe your glasses with the anti-fog wipe, you can be sure that you’ll have fog-free glasses for up to three days! They offer great value for money as every anti-fog cloth can be used on up to 60 pairs of regular size glasses. Hoya Clear-it are the best anti-fog solution available to prevent your glasses from fogging without damaging your prescription lenses.

This pack of 3 wipes should be around a year’s supply, so £20 for a year’s worth of anti-fog treatment is great value for money. With Hoya Clear-It Anti-Fog wipes, you too can join our many 100% satisfied clients, and get fog-free vision!

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