Hoya Anti-Fog Lens Wipes (3 Pack)


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Hoya Clear-It Anti-Fog Wipes


Glasses and face masks don’t get on. Fortunately, these wipes from Hoya apply a treatment to your lenses which really does stop them from fogging up.

  • Each wipe can be used on roughly 60 pairs of glasses
  • Every application lasts up to 3 days
  • 3 x 60 = up to 180 days of effectiveness per wipe
  • Pack of 3
  • Free Postage

How does it work?



Glasses steaming up when wearing a face mask? These anti-fog lens wipes from Hoya are the ideal solution. They prevent your glasses from fogging without damaging your prescription lenses.

We believe that Hoya clear-it wipes are the best anti-fog solution available. We have had a 100% satisfaction rate with this product so far.

They also work well for Ski and Snow goggles.

Product Information:


  • The anti-fog cloth size is 13cm x 13cm.
  • Each anti-fog cloth can be used on around 60 pairs of regular size eyeglasses.
  • Every application offers up to 72 hours fog free if the humidity is below 60 degrees.
  • Avoid getting the anti-fog cloth wet.


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