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How to buy eco friendly glasses – on any budget.

Our latest video covers the main three things that make a pair of glasses environmentally friendly.

When you purchase your next pair of glasses, there are three decisions you will make:

  1. Which frames you choose.

  2. What lenses you put in those frames.

  3. The store you decide to buy them from.

Here’s how you can help the environment with each of these choices you make:

#1 – Frames

3D printed frames are growing in popularity and there are now lots of shapes, colours and variations available.

If you’re conscious about the environmental impact of your purchases, but love stylish glasses, there’s never been a better time to shop (providing you find an optician who stocks these kind of frames). Nowadays, there are frames made from all kinds of alternative materials, rather than traditional metals (which have to be mined from the earth) or plastics (which too often find their way into the ocean).

Firstly, you can get frames made from recycled metal. I think it’s great that recycling has finally found it’s way into eyewear. We stock recycled frames from Eco Eyewear – you can find their website at Eco Eyewear also have a beautifully colourful collection of frames made from biobased material (plant extracts). The best part of Eco Eyewear frames is that a tree is planted for each pair purchased.

Another great thing about Eco Eyewear frames is that they are really affordable, and each one comes with its own sun-clip. That’s why they were #1 in our list of the best value glasses available in 2020.

You can purchase the eco sunglasses worn by Robert in the video featured at the top of this page through our online store.

But if you’re looking for glasses which are both premium quality and eco-friendly, there are more options out there for you. We’ve already showcased 3D printed frames above, and these are better for the environment since they are made through additive manufacturing – where only the material needed is used. In addition, 3D printed frames utilise a unique material which is biocompatible (impossible to be allergic to, so they don’t cause irritation), durable and ultra-lightweight. Here’s a great article we found on 3D printed glasses:

You might also want to consider frames made from natural materials such as leather, stone, and wood. Products made from natural materials are obviously far more renewable than those made from plastics, but they also look incredible. Check out the Lucas de Stael website to view some of the most amazing glasses in the world. We also have a large collection in-stock, and I cannot recommend them enough.

You will never get two frames from Lucas de Stael that look identical. The above pairs are made from stone.

#2 – Lenses

We often consider the frames we’re choosing far more than the lenses. But the lenses in your glasses are the most important part! Not only can the lenses you choose have a big impact on how you see (just like one camera lens can help produce a better photo than another), but some lenses are manufactured in a much more environmentally friendly way. And that’s why we partner with Zeiss – learn more about them here:

This video explains some of the latest innovations in Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss lenses are made using less wastage, less water, and less packaging, making them the ideal choice if you’re eco-conscious, or just want amazingly clear vision.

Since 2009/10, ZEISS have achieved:

  1. A 46% reduction in (relative) energy consumption as compared to 2009/10.

  2. A 38% reduction in (relative) water consumption as compared to 2009/10.

  3. A 30% reduction in (relative) waste volume as compared to 2009/10.

  4. A 47% reduction in (relative) CO2 emissions as compared to 2009/10.

#3 – Where to buy

That’s where we come in. Not only are we a Zeiss specialist, you can find a showcase of all the different types of eco friendly frames available. You’ll receive expert advice on which are the best for you and your budget, and our Visufit 1000 lets you compare how you look in different styles from any angle, making getting the right glasses easy.

And there’s more. LED lighting and underfloor heating make our store extremely energy efficient. The solar panels on our roof generate more energy on average than we consume. We’re committed to being an eco friendly company and continue to look more initiatives to help protect the environment.


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