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How Independent Optician Practices Are Transforming the Eyewear Industry

Hi, my names Nicky and I work part-time here at The Spectacle Factory.

I am fortunate to have over 36 years of experience in the optical industry in the independant sector. I love all aspects from dispensing, specialising in Zeiss lenses, to management . I am very passionate about supporting our independent practice.

Why you might say - well firstly because I believe we as your independant eye care practice are the best people to care for your eye care health needs.

We keep your intrests at the heart of everything that we do - No pressurised selling, sourcing the right lenses and frames for your needs and budget rather than dictated to buy head offices who are target and profit driven.

As an independent practice - there are no share holders to pay, no marketing department to pay for, so all our prices reflect this keeping costs to you the client as competetive as we can whilst providing you with the best value for money and more importantly a personal service, we are also able to offer NHS eye examinations.

Here at The Spectacle Factory the people who see you on a day to day basis are often the owners of the practice like Robert and James. That continuity is important as we are able to get to know you and build that close relationship to provide you with the best solutions for your eyecare by taking time assessing all needs, which often change as we get older.

Pay us a visit and we look foward to meeting you in practice soon.

Bye for now,




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