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Golf Sunglasses in Longton

Play the game in style with top-quality golf sunglasses in Longton from The Spectacle Factory. According to Google, we are the top rated opticians in Lancashire, and we are proud of our reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing, range of products and our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. We provide premium quality eyewear to suit your needs, preferences and budget. Apart from style, elegance and cutting edge fashion, our eyewear products are also functional, efficient and make use of the latest technology, research and materials available in this sector. Our highly-trained, experienced team of professionals can help you to select exactly the right product to match your requirements. As a local business, we understand the trends and specifications of customers in the local communities we serve, while giving them access to the best of what’s available across international markets.

For golfers in Longton, golf sunglasses don’t merely boost your style quotient. They’re can make a huge difference to your game too. Good eyesight plays a crucial role in this sport because you’re required to make fine judgments of space and distance in the split second before you drive. Conventional eyewear can improve your vision, but it limits peripheral vision which is an important aspect of success in this sport. Traditional glasses can also distort near vision. What you need to remember is that golfing involves constant negotiation with two colours, blue and green. Our golfing glasses filter out excess of these two shades so that other colours like the white of the ball or the red of flags stands out in sharper contrast. These special glasses also help you judge undulations and level changes on the green for better judgment.

Golf sunglasses in Longton are manufactured by the leading international brands in eyewear. They provide the maximum peripheral vision and offer perfect focus on the ball. To find out more about our range of golf sunglasses, contact us today. Since this game is mainly played outdoors, you’re subject to the sun’s glare especially if you’re playing into the sun in winter. Our specially treated lenses are photo chromatic and darken when exposed to excess light. They automatically adjust to the ambient light making it easier to play, whatever the time of day.


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