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Fast Turnaround Glasses Repair in St Annes, Easily Accessible

Fast turnaround glasses repair in St Annes is a welcome service to those who need glasses repairs in a hurry. Perhaps you sat on your glasses and the spare pair is still at the office. Regardless of the type of repairs necessary, our expert team is available to assist. We know how distressing it can be without your glasses.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we can assist you with efficient, professional repairs. If your glasses don’t fit correctly, or need other adjusting, our experts can assist. Or, you may find that your spare glasses are an older pair, and are not your current prescription. Set up an appointment and we can provide the service you need.

We can provide a thorough eye test to ensure the right prescription for your new glasses. Therefore, in St Annes, fast turnaround glasses repair is a service you can rely on. Not having the right glasses can be challenging. Let us assist you with quick repairs to your glasses so that you can return to work with peace of mind. When you have your eye test, you’ll be cared for by one of our experienced optometrists using the latest contactless technology. You’ll be happy to know that your eye test will be the most comprehensive you have ever had. We make the health of your eyes one of our top priorities. This is one of the reasons why we assess your eyes with the latest technology.

Fast turnaround glasses repair in St Annes is one of our expert services. Should you require new glasses, you are welcome to choose from our very many, top quality frames in stock. Once you have chosen your frames, we will, at our extensive on-site lab, make your prescription in under an hour. An added advantage of our services is that you’ll benefit from fast repairs and maintenance. If you need glasses repair that is fast, professional and efficient, contact The Spectacle Factory. We use the latest technology used for measurements and fitting. We’re committed to providing eyewear that is as unique as you are.


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