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Eye Test in Lytham, Thorough, Professional, Affordable

Perhaps you have had a recent eye test in Lytham and corrective lenses were prescribed for you. You may have noticed that it’s taking a while for your eyes to adjust to the new prescription lenses. You can see better now and that’s good; it’s just not as good as you had hoped. The experience is like your eyes and your new lenses are trying to find common ground where they can both work together. At The Spectacle Factory, we don’t believe that it has to be that way. Our team of optometrists, ophthalmic laboratory technicians and support staff use the latest technology to achieve clearer and more accurate correction lenses. Our job, as we see it, is to make sure each of our clients leave our offices able to see better than they ever have before.

We carry out a thorough exam to determine the health of your eyes. In Lytham, eye test technology that we use provides a comprehensive exam. For instance, we use the ZEISS I.Profiler which creates your unique prescription that is 25 times more accurate than it would be using traditional methods. Your eyes change between daytime driving and night driving. Your lens prescription must accommodate those differences so your vision is it’s best under both conditions. For so many, night driving is a dreaded experience. Their eyes just can’t quickly adjust between the poorly marked roads and blinding glare of headlights. We can make night driving more comfortable. I.Scription technology helps reduce glare, improves contrast and colour brilliance. You will have a more comfortable drive both day and night.

Your eye test in Lytham with us will take longer than examinations you’ve had elsewhere. We are very thorough and make use of all technology to assess your eye health. Along with your I.Scription we also assess how your eyes work together and your peripheral vision and eye pressure. Retinal Imaging gives us a clear look at the health of your  whole eye and it’s complete surrounding support system. Retinal imaging also gives us a baseline with which to compare all future retinal imaging tests. Any changes will be obvious. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your next eye test with us. You will see more clearly than you’ve ever seen before. We have our own lab on site so 99% of prescription glasses are fulfilled the same day.

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