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Eye Specialist in Leyland

An eye specialist in Leyland can help you achieve better vision within a few minutes! We at The Spectacle Factory are committed to helping you improve your vision. Your sense of sight is very precious and unfortunately overlooked until it starts to experience ‘problems’. As the leading eye specialists in the North West, our optometrists will work with you to ensure your eyes get an in depth check-up. To achieve the best sight possible, this is an absolutely crucial step. Our eye health team will spend up to 50% more time with your eye examination than many other experts in the industry. Our optometrists are not only experienced but highly qualified, so you can be sure you’re in good hands! This step will help us get detailed and accurate results from your eye exam.   

An eye check-up in Leyland, with our eye specialist is the first step in achieving better vision. This is first step in our 7-step process as it helps determine your prescription. Next, we use VisuReal software to select the best type of lenses to fill your prescription. The right lens is key as it can impact the clarity in the peripheral vision as well as sharpness of objects during the night. In the third step, we rely on a complex measuring system called the iTerminal, to take your posture, leading and position of your eyes to build your lenses. From steps 4 to 6 we manufacture your lens and glasses on site. This helps us exert greater quality control on the final product. In the last step, you get to try on your personalized glasses. What sets us apart is the quality and commitment that we dedicate to each step. This makes the experience enjoyable and comfortable for our customers. 

Get your eyes checked by an eye specialist in Leyland today. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact The Spectacle Factory today. The secret to healthy vision starts with a perfect pair of glasses. At The Spectacle Factory, seeing is definitely believing.


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