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Eye Specialist in Euxton

Find an eye specialist in Euxton if you are experiencing problems with your eyesight. If you find that you need to squint to read fine print or your eyes are red and hurt at the end of the day, it could be that your eyesight is deteriorating or that the symptoms are a result of an underlying cause. Visit an eye specialist to determine the cause and to find solutions to the problem. The Spectacle Factory opened its doors in 1996 and provide the best solutions for their client’s needs.

In Euxton, an eye specialist is available for a consultation when it is required. This can be done either by telephone or online. During a consultation, the eye specialist will have an in depth conversation with you to determine what your requirements are and to identify the perfect solution. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of care. Should you have poor eyesight and need your lenses changed for a more suitable strength, the eye specialist will adjust your prescription for more suitable eyewear. The Spectacle Factory has an on-site manufacturing lab which means that you will receive your new glasses within an hour. There is no need to arrange for someone to fetch you and take you back when your spectacles are ready. More importantly, you will not have to struggle without spectacles for a day or two. And, if you are on a VIP EyeCare Scheme, then you are entitled to free repairs that can be carried out on site while you are waiting.

The Spectacle Factory has a qualified and friendly eye specialist in Euxton. They are proud of their customer service, which includes excellent care and attention to their customers. When you are their client, you will automatically be part of their VIP EyeCare Scheme and you are eligible for free repairs, maintenance and free service for life. If you need to visit an eye specialist, contact The Spectacle Factory.

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