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Eye Specialist in Elston

It’s time for an eye exam and new glasses and this time you have made up your mind to see an eye specialist in Elston. In that case we have good news for you. We have eye specialist at The Spectacle Factory. In fact because of our personal vision consultations we feel confident to guarantee you better vision or your money back. The good news doesn’t stop there because we also guarantee that you will pay the lowest price for products and if that’s not enough you can usually receive your glasses the same day as your exam. That is assuming that you will be able to choose one frame from our selection of over 1000. No worries; we have technicians who know how to help you choose the right frame for the shape of your face. At least that will help to narrow the field for you.

The Spectacle Factory is not your average quick service eye glass place. We are, for our clients in Elston, eye specialist who utilise the latest in technology to evaluate the health of your eyes and provide the right prescription for you. Allow more time than usual for your appointment because we usually spend quite a lot more time in order to fine tune your prescription. We then have you use our special IPad software to view a variety of lens types with your prescription. You will find that one lens type will offer you more clarity and sharpness to your vision both night and day. Naturally, that is the lens you will choose. We even go further by programming in the details of your natural head and eye position to squeeze out just a bit more vision perfection.

The combination of professional eye specialist in Elston with cutting edge technology and attention to even small details results in better vision. Even the method used to grind the lens can affect the level of clarity. It takes a little more time but we think you will agree that better vision is worth the effort. Call us at the Spectacle Factory and schedule your appointment. We promise it won’t be boring as you experience new possibilities for enhanced vision. You will leave our offices just a few hours later not only seeing clearly but looking good in your new eyeglass frame.



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