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Eye Specialist in Croston

Who needs an eye specialist in Croston? The answer is everybody who wants to keep their eyes healthy and their vision as perfect as possible. The ophthalmologists at The Spectacle Factory are very thorough. They never rush through an eye exam because the first step to good vision is healthy eyes. Once they know your eyes are free of disease they set about to create a prescription specific to your level of vision. However, they take it a few steps further and incorporate your personal habits like posture when you read. They determine your prescription, like all eye clinics do, but then The Spectacle Factory customises it. When they are through, you will be amazed at how much better you see.

In Croston, eye specialists at The Spectacle Factory do not just follow the status quo like others do. Others give you your latest prescription in a lens with an okay frame. There, you can see better than you would without the glasses. What they do not know is that how the lens is manufactured is just as critical to your vision as the prescription. Besides, your prescription is being sent out to be manufactured so you may not know for two weeks whether you see well with them or not. The Spectacle Factory has put new technology to work to improve your prescription lenses. They use VisuReal software on iPads.

Eye specialists in Croston at The Spectacle Factory use VisuReal software with your prescription incorporated. As you flip through different lenses you will find you see better with some and not with others. Yet, it is the same prescription. The lens type can affect how well you see peripherally and at night. Clarity will be better in some lenses than others. The end result is better vision for you. The Spectacle Factory guarantees it. Your lenses will be made on site while you wait. Not only do you get an expertly customised set of lenses fitted into your choice of frame, but you get them today. Cutting out the middle man saves you money as well. The low prices are also guaranteed. If you need an eye specialist, contact The Spectacle Factory.



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