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Eye Optician in Garstang

Choose your eye optician in Garstang from our professional staff at The Spectacle Factory. Perhaps your eye exam will show you don’t need prescription lenses and that’s good. View our impressive inventory of designer sunglasses and choose a pair to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. If your exam shows you need a prescription lens, we can often have them ready the same day. Your eye exam will last longer at The Spectacle Factory than is customary. But when we finish, you will see clearer than you ever before. We refine eye exams so we can refine the prescription and therefore your vision. Our opticians make use of the latest technology plus standard tried-and-true methods to conduct the most thorough eye exam you have likely ever had.

Our lenses are manufactured by two companies proven the most reputable and having the highest quality control. Since clarity is lost in poorly manufactured lenses, in Garstang an eye optician at The Spectacle Factory never settle for second best. Our customers enjoy using our software with ipad to view the world through many lenses, each with their prescription. They learn to recognise the one lens that offers the clearest vision. Patients with night driving vision problems benefit from the iPad software to find the clearest vision but we also use virtual reality to find the best solution. Once your prescription is ready, we do a fitting using a device known as the iTerminal. It collects data about your posture so frames are positioned on your face for the best clarity. It’s a custom fit.

When you work with our eye optician in Garstang your eyeglasses are a custom creation assembled from information collected to give your best vision solution. Even slight improvements in the quality of your vision and clarity will improve your experience and lessen eye strain. Why settle for less than perfect vision? Contact us and schedule your appointment with an optician at The Spectacle Factory. We have been established for over 21 years and according to Google; we are the number one rated opticians in Lancashire. You probably think that attention to detail and quality control means higher prices.  Actually, we promise to meet or beat anyone’s price value for value.


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