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Excellent Quality Varifocal Glasses in Longridge for Excellent Vision

Your varifocal glasses in Longridge can provide the vision that your single vision glasses cannot. If you have two different lens prescriptions, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to constantly change glasses to see better. With varifocal glasses, you’ll have just one pair of glasses for reading, driving and more. A varifocal lens is one that provides you with multiple focal points in one lens. It has a gradual change in strength, from the top to the bottom. It also has multiple focal points in between. Varifocal lenses can assist with correcting presbyopia. This is a refractive error that usually occurs with age.

These lenses are different from bi-focals. In Longridge, varifocal glasses help you with both reading and distance correction, all in one lens. In addition, varifocal glasses help with a smoother and gradual transition in comparison to bi-focals. They are a convenient choice for all who need more than one lens prescription. Needing to use more than one pair of glasses to see correctly can be a challenge. However, with varifocal glasses, you are able to see the way you should, all the time. Schedule a consultation for an eye test and your new varifocal glasses. We’ve been providing excellent advice and service to all our clients since 1996. As such, we’ve gained an impressive reputation as the best optician around.

If you need varifocal glasses in Longridge, why not schedule an appointment? You’re welcome to contact The Spectacle Factory today and book an appointment.  We’ll analyse your posture to make your vision more comfortable according to your natural habits and take into account your leading eye. This improves your ability to re-focus at different distances. The position of the lenses on your face is important to give you the sharpest clarity of vision. And, we can have your new glasses ready for within an hour.  Our experts spend 50% longer than the industry average on your eye test. Moreover, we use the latest equipment to get the most accurate result possible. When you visit us for your ne varifocal glasses, you’ll also be able to choose from a stunning range of frames. Book your eye test and vision consultation today!


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