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Emergency Glasses in Fulwood, Ready for You on the Same Day

You may not ever experience the need for emergency glasses in Fulwood.  Of course, we don’t all define an emergency the same way. Some break or lose their glasses and are okay with waiting for new ones. Maybe they have an old pair in a drawer or they can get by okay for a week to ten days without glasses. Good for them. Others cannot see to work or drive without their glasses. If they are lost or broken, it’s an emergency. No, they want their best pair that gives them their most comfortable and clear vision. Then there’s the vacationer or business visitor. They’ve got 3 or 4 more days in town and no glasses. This is an emergency.

The Spectacle Factory has resolved the inconvenient issue of broken or lost glasses. For those in Fulwood, our emergency glasses are the same as an ordinary visit for new glasses. Almost all are ready in one day. You don’t even need to have your prescription with you. Our staff of optometrist and technicians will conduct an extensive eye exam for you. In fact, it’s likely you’ve never had an in depth eye exam such as we perform. It’s going to take a little longer than you might expect. Once we have your most accurate prescription ever, we turn it over to our onsite lab. While they are using their precision equipment and techniques and the finest materials, you can select a frame. You will have over 1000 from which to choose.

Whether you need emergency glasses in Fulwood or you just need new glasses, we will, with rare exception, have them ready for you while you wait in one day. Perhaps your idea of an emergency is one more thing to do added to your busy list. You spend two hours getting an exam and then have to wait for days until they come back from the lab. Now you have to make another appointment to pick up your new glasses and have them fitted. If they aren’t quite right, you start the process all over again and the glasses go back to the lab. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule a visit with us. We take the crisis out of needing new glasses and getting them when you need them; which is today.


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