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Emergency Glasses in Chorley, New Frame, New Lenses, in One Day

You may not have considered emergency glasses in Chorley to be a thing.  How could needing new glasses ever be an emergency? Well, suppose you are due to fly to New York on Friday for a ten-day stay. On Wednesday, while searching for your glasses, you find them smashed under the tyre of your car. Your airline tickets are non-refundable and you can’t see a menu without your glasses. Or perhaps while preparing your caravan for a long family holiday, you discover your prescription sunglasses are missing. Your eyes are light sensitive and you have a history of glaucoma in your family. A lens fell out of your frame but you have no idea when or where and you can’t legally drive without glasses. Those are just a few examples of eyeglass emergencies.

Children’s eyeglasses are made to be almost indestructible but not completely. For some kids in Chorley, emergency glasses are needed because the child really cannot see or go about safely without them. If your idea of emergency glasses is something less than ideal or just temporary, then we have a nice surprise for you. If you’ve never been to see us before, let us explain. It’s possible we’ll be able to fit you with same day glasses that allow you to see better than you’ve ever seen before. We have our own lab on site staffed with technicians who work to exacting standards. The materials used at The Spectacle Factor lab are specially selected for the greatest clarity.

If you choose, for emergency glasses in Chorley, we can complete an eye exam for you. This may allow us to refine your prescription. It’s an extensive exam using the very latest technological advances like i.Scription that sharpens your vision, especially for night driving. The result is often a prescription that will allow you to see better than ever before. Don’t worry about time though. Even with an eye exam we still complete new glasses in one day for 99% of our clients.  Contact The Spectacle Factory for emergency glasses. Hopefully, you won’t have to discard your plans over a pair of lost or broken glasses. We just need one day to have you seeing with new glasses. It’s likely you’ll be seeing better than you ever have before.


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