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Emergency Glasses in Blackburn, Professional, Convenient and Efficient

What do you think emergency glasses in Blackburn look like? Maybe you call your optometrist because you’ve broken your glasses and you can’t see without them. The receptionist tells you to stop in, they might have a pair in the drawer that will get you by until your new ones are delivered. That will take a week to ten days. That really doesn’t seem like a solution to your emergency. If your optometrist is among our talented group at The Spectacle Factory and you need emergency glasses, you are in luck. The reason for that is when you originally got your new glasses at The Spectacle Factory, they were ready the same day. That’s the day our 3 step testing process refined your prescription for your best vision ever.

Our extensive award-winning lab made your glasses in one day; the same day as your first appointment and eye exam. In Blackburn, emergency glasses do not create any pressure for us. We have your prescription on file so if you want the same frames we can duplicate your glasses in about an hour. We still want you here to have them properly fitted according to your posture and line of vision. If you’ve had the same prescription for a year or more, it might be a good idea to schedule an eye exam in case your prescription has changed. Even with that extra effort, you are still going to get your glasses the same day. It’s uncomfortable to be without glasses when you need them, but we’ll try to make sure that experience is short-lived for you.

Maybe you have just discovered The Spectacle Factory and you need emergency glasses in Blackburn. You are in luck. However, here, we don’t call it luck; it’s just routine business as usual. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your time for an eye exam and new glasses. You will leave our facility seeing better than you ever have before with lenses made in our lab the same day. Our lab technicians are specialists but also, we use only the finest quality of materials that provide greater clarity. Anybody can reverse their car over their glasses, especially when the glasses are on the ground and not your face. But it could be that this emergency is actually the best thing that ever happened to your vision.


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