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Dispensing Optician in Preston

Taking advantage of a dispensing optician in Preston is a sure way of ensuring you continue to see clearly. As you might require contact lenses or spectacles, a dispensing optician is a requirement. At The Spectacle Factory, the focus is on eye care where you have access to the best service available. The company aims to provide a service giving clients better vision at a high standard of eye care. They have affordable rates for their customers and you can have your eye-ware needs seen to while you wait.

In Preston, a dispensing optician is of great benefit when you are unable to travel far or require assistance with travelling. The Spectacle Factory has a large selection of over 1000 spectacle frames to choose from and an additional 200 styles of sunglasses should you require them. Wearing sunglasses is advisable when outdoors to protect your eyes from glare. Among the benefits offered by the Spectacle Factory is an invitation to their VIP scheme which entitles you to free warranties on eye wear products. An advantage of a dispensing optician at The Spectacle Factory is that you can make use of their on-site manufacturing, which means you will wait only 30 minutes for your glasses.

A dispensing optician in Preston is certainly an added bonus after have a consultation with an optician. Not only do you complete your appointment with the optician, you receive repairs or new glasses while you wait. This is so much easier than having to travel to another building to collect your glasses. The Spectacle Factory has provided an exceptional service for over 15 years. Their vision statement is that they aim to provide their patients with the most modern and effective solutions at the lowest possible prices. With their excellent prices, their on-site manufacturing and their competitive choice of eye-ware available, they certainly take their vision statement seriously. If you require the services of a dispensing optician, be sure to contact The Spectacle Factory, you will be glad you did.



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