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Designer Frames in Bamber Bridge

You will find the largest selection of designer frames in Bamber Bridge at The Spectacle Factory. We want our clients to see better than they ever have before with eyewear they love to be seen in. We stock a thousand designer frames that men, women, children and those needing specialty glasses will love wearing. Our kids’ frames by Gucci, Disney’s Frozen, Nike and others are kid pleasers. For our youngest clients frames by NanoVista have no screws, are flexible and have a detachable sports strap. Kids like grown-ups won’t wear their glasses if they don’t like them so we use a multi-step process to fitting frames so they sit correctly and are barely there comfortable. Even those not needing prescription glasses still need sunglasses including young children. We have many Polaroid sun protection lenses and frames to suit every age.

When you view our selection of frames you will immediately notice they are not the boring selections offered by most optometrist offices. For our clients in Bamber Bridge, designer frames mean all the usual designers and some extraordinary designers you’ve not yet heard of. We stock so many because even designer frame selections, many that are offered at all optometrists, can become uninspiring when you see the same ones everywhere. If you’re looking for frames you’ve never seen before, the best place to look is right here. This is also the place to come if you want to see better than you ever have before. It’s all about being confident in your frames while enjoying the best vision possible.

The Spectacle Factory is the place for designer frames in Bamber Bridge that fit correctly. Besides discomfort, a poorly fitting frame can interfere with vision. Using new technology, iTerminal, we analyse your posture, the position of the lenses on your face for best vision and which is your leading eye. We place this data into the iTerminal to achieve not just comfort but correct fit. Contact The Spectacle Factory for designer frames that fit perfectly and lenses that offer the best vision ever. Our methods take a little longer but the improved results are worth it. We are proud of our 23 years of experience and our 5-star Google rating. It confirms we have happy clients.

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