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Cycling Glasses in Walmer Bridge

Protect your eyes with cycling glasses in Walmer Bridge while enjoying your favourite sport. Whether you enjoy cycling for leisure, pleasure, exercise, commuting to work or traveling round the countryside, it’s important to use the right eyewear. Whatever the weather, or the time and distance you travel, cycling glasses are an essential part of your safety gear. We protect ourselves with the right helmets, padded shorts, elbow and knee guards, and reflective clothing but sometimes neglect to give our eyes the same protection. When it’s bright and sunny, we obviously don a pair of sunglasses, but glasses are important in all kinds of weather. The amount of dust, grit and pollution-laden smoke that greets cyclists can pose a hazard to the eyes. In warm weather, you also get swarms of tiny insects flying into your face. The wind can also make your eyes water, whatever the season. You need glasses as a barrier against snow, rain and ice during winter rides.

At The Spectacle Factory, we can provide you with the perfect set of cycling specs. As in other places, in Walmer Bridge, cycling glasses shield your eyes from the sun’s glare and dangerous UV-ray exposure. You could end up being partially or wholly blinded from eye injuries. Our range of cycling glasses give you complete protection – they wrap around your eyes, preventing penetration of foreign objects, they’re tough and impact resistant, being made of the latest materials available. These glasses are also lightweight and won’t put any stress on your face or head while cycling, making them the ideal choice for long rides. They offer clear, wide-angle vision, at any time of the day or night and are very comfortable to wear. Apart from this, they’re also stylish and cool.

The best cycling glasses in Walmer Bridge have interchangeable lenses. This is a smart idea and gives you options that allow you to swap tints and lenses depending on the ambient conditions. To find out more about our range of cycling glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory. Another great option is photo-chromatic lenses with a hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating that darken automatically in the presence of sunlight and repel water.

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