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Cycling Glasses in Preston

You may enjoy sport cycling but if cycling glasses in Preston are not in your top 2 most important equipment selections, you are risking eye injury. The most expensive bicycle on the circuit can’t protect you from traffic close calls, kicked up stones and other street and off-road path debris. You may not notices when sticks and stones hit your body but if it reaches your eye, injury is likely and you are finished for the day or even longer. Serious injuries do occur and your daily use eyeglasses or sunglasses don’t provide adequate protection. Outdoor cycling is considered a low injury risk sport because it doesn’t involve direct contact with other people or a fast moving ball. However, cycling is a high risk sport for eye injury and protective sport glasses should be worn when taking part.

The Spectacle Factory is your ideal source for protective eyewear used for high risk sports. For athletes in Preston, cycling glasses protect against eye injuries that result from foreign objects penetrating your eye but also eye damage from sun radiation. Blindness or partial blindness can occur from eye injuries. Sun glare can obliterate obstacles in your path for the split second it takes to crash into them. So what you need for the best eye protection are lenses that: wrap around to keep debris away from eyes; are highly impact-resistant; offer 100% protection from UV rays; prevent glare; allow clear all around vision with and without prescription and stay in place on your face. Of course, they must be lightweight, comfortable and look cool.

We at The Spectacle Factory do not find that a daunting list of requirements for cycling glasses in Preston. We have you covered with our state-of-the-art lenses and designer frames. In every way our cycling glasses are your finest protection from eye injury. Contact The Spectacle Factory for an appointment and our professionals will describe how we achieve superior eye safety and vision clarity for our cycling clients and other athletes. Our designer frames will have you looking good. You wear a helmet and protective clothing but did you know sport cycling glasses can prevent 90% of eye injuries related to sports activities? Get yourself a pair from The Spectacle Factory and another pair for your child.


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