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Cycling Glasses in Leyland

The need for quality sports eyewear is becoming more apparent and our cycling glasses in Leyland are designed to be perfect for all cyclists. Sunglasses have to meet special requirements when worn for sports. They need to have shatterproof and impact resistant lenses and have a nose cushion for comfort. The colour of the lens can vary depending on style, fashion and purpose but for general use red, grey, green and brown are recommended to avoid or minimise colour distortion. This can affect safety when travelling. All eyes need protection but for cycling there are additional factors. The cyclist is exposed to harsh sunlight and severe wind which can damage the eyes. There is also the danger of windblown dirt, dust and particles which can get into the eye.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or just cycling to keep fit in Leyland, cycling glasses are an important part of your kit. You wear a helmet to protect your head from damage and you buy the best one available. Your glasses are equally important as you could permanently damage your eyesight with the wrong glasses. We supply the Smith Pivlock V2 which is the lightest cycling frame in the world. Our sports glasses will give you the best vision for your passion and we use cutting edge technology to give you the advantage. Our sports glasses are designed to meet any challenge and cover your eyes from all directions.

We supply a range of cycling glasses in Leyland. Contact The Spectacle Factory today or visit our store to see the wide range of sports glasses we stock. We have been rated as the top opticians in Lancashire according to Google. The Spectacle Factory began in 1996 because we are passionate about eyewear and believe in offering a better way for people with eyewear needs. We have embraced technology and constantly scour the world searching for the latest innovations for our customers’ visual needs. Only Carl Zeiss and Hoya who have high levels of quality control and rigorous testing of their lenses are allowed to manufacture lenses for our customers.

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