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Cycling Glasses in Brindle

Just like helmets, cycling glasses in Brindle are an important part of your safety kit. Whether you are serious cyclist, use cycling as a means of transport, or enjoy cycling in your leisure time, it is important have the correct safety wear. Wearing helmets is required of all cyclists. It is likely that you wear gloves too. Cycling glasses protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, and they are also a protective barrier against stones, debris and dirt that can result from cycling both off and on road. These glasses also will keep the wind off your eyes.

For riders in Brindle, cycling glasses are usually made with polarised lenses. Polarised lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful glare. If you are interested in cycling glasses, The Spectacle Factory offers a top quality selection. We are also pleased to offer Smith Optics Pivlock cycling glasses. These are probably the best cycling eyewear available, and you can purchase your pair, with or without a prescription from The Spectacle Factory. These glasses combine top quality lenses with a frameless design, The Pivlocks get their name from the lens release mechanism. The arms of the glasses pivot upwards and release completely from the lens. The design is well thought out and easy to use, without having to force or bend the lens unnecessarily. Their frameless design allows for good peripheral vision to the sides.

Cycling glasses in Brindle are as much of a fashion accessory as a functional piece of cycling kit. If you wear prescription glasses, cycling glasses can easily be adapted to include the prescription lenses you need. For more information about our available cycling glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory. According to Google, we are the top rated optician in Lancashire, and we believe it is our commitment to providing an excellent customer service and competitive prices that makes us the opticians you need. Since 1996, we have remained passionate about eyewear, and providing a unique service to all our customers. Pay us a visit and see for yourself the range of cycling glasses we have on offer.

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