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Contact Lens Specialist in Garstang

Avoid causing damage to your eyes by visiting a contact lens specialist in Garstang. It is easy to purchase contact lenses over-the-counter without taking into consideration the pair that will suit you best in terms of need and suitability. Consulting experts such as those at The Spectacle Factory will result in better outcomes and professional services. When you visit our specialists, you’ll receive a service that is a cut above the rest. Our eye test alone takes 50% longer than the industry average; all to ensure you’ll get what you need. If you’re pressed for time, you’ll be happy to know that 90% of our prescriptions can be ready within the hour.

It’s not always ideal to deal with spectacles all the time. In Garstang, a contact lens specialist gives you an opportunity to forego the frames altogether or limit their use. You will be taken through a series of eye tests that will help determine the strength of the lens that you need as well as give an idea of your general eye health. After that, a fitting will be done so that you will have the best vision. It isn’t always a sure thing that you’ll opt for the contact lenses, and that’s ok. Having a pair to try out will help you cement your decision. For those who wish to change over but have a problem with both short and long distance clarity, The Spectacle Factory stocks varifocal lenses that are ideal for such situations. We’ll take steps to consider other factors that can affect your vision, such as posture, so that you receive what’s best for you.

Contact The Spectacle Factory for a contact lens specialist in Garstang. We are pleased to say that we are highly recommended, and we have a vast variety of spectacles and other eyewear in stock to suit our clients’ individual tastes and needs. Using only the best technology, we aim to give you the best vision possible.

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