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Contact Lens Specialist in Garstang

You may require a contact lens specialist in Garstang if you do not wish to wear spectacles. There are a number of different contact lenses available, including varifocals contact lenses. Many people will require a single prescription and the lenses will be perfect for their vision but some people have different requirements. We test your eyes thoroughly to establish whether you need single, bifocal or varifocals contact lenses. We also make sure that the contact lenses we prescribe for you are comfortable.  There are many cases where contact lenses can irritate the eyes to such an extent that people go back to wearing glasses.

If you find that wearing glasses hurts your face in Garstang, contact lens specialist teams can prescribe the perfect lenses to allow you to stop using spectacles. Some people feel that glasses will spoil the symmetry of their face and do not want to wear them although there are so many different styles that we stock that there are bound to be some that do enhance your appearance. Contact lenses are the nearest thing to having no visible vision aid as they are placed directly on the eyeball over the pupil and iris and are incredibly hard to spot. They will improve your vision possibly better than a pair of spectacles.

We are the contact lens specialist in Garstang. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and make an appointment to see our highly qualified opticians. One of our opticians is a university lecturer and the other is a PhD graduate. They spend 50 % longer than the industry average and use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results possible.  The technology used to make the lenses can have at least as much of impact as the prescription itself. We are a manufacturing optician rated as one of the best in our area. Our workshop can often have your new lenses ready for you quickly and our on-site workshop can ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit for your face. As you will have to wear your lenses all day they have to be as comfortable as possible.


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