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Contact Lens Specialist in Euxton

Why not visit the right contact lens specialist in Euxton to give yourself amazing lifestyle benefits and a new look? Contact lenses are one of the most convenient and useful inventions of modern times. Yet, they were first thought of in the 16th Century by none other than Leonardo da Vinci! At The Spectacle Factory, we completely understand your need to have options. Though glasses today come in a variety of trendy styles, are manufactured from modern lightweight materials and provide the best of cutting-edge technology, there are times when you want a difference. Glasses sometimes get in the way, especially when you’re dealing with young children, traveling, engaging in a sport, or you’re in a profession where grooming and looks play a major role.

Though contact lenses provide many benefits, unless you select the right ones, you could end up with all kinds of problems. In Euxton, contact lens specialists like us have the qualifications, knowledge, expertise and experience to provide you with absolutely the right pair. Remember that all opticians are not equipped to handle contact lens facilities. There are two different types of opticians: A dispensing optician with FBDO certification can advise and sell spectacles, but is not allowed to conduct sight tests or trained to recognize abnormal eye conditions. These opticians can take further certifications like the FBDO.CL and can fit contact lenses under the supervision of an optometrist. Optometrists have a university degree in the subject, can conduct eye tests, fit contact lenses and spectacles and can identify abnormal eye conditions. Ophthalmologists are medically qualified and can conduct eye tests and treat eye diseases and condition, but they cannot dispense contact lenses.

Now that you have the right information about all these professionals, it’s easier to find the right contact lens specialist in Euxton. However, you also need to discuss with people who have been using contact lenses for some time, and ensure that the facility is well-equipped, well-stocked with several options and can conduct a thorough eye test and determine whether you’re a fit candidate for contacts. Get in touch with us for more information. Change the way you see the world and use the expertise of our contact lens specialist.

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