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Chopard Eyewear

Chopard Eyewear – High-End Jewellery transformed into beautiful glasses.

Chopard Eyewear

If you want glasses that are as beautiful and elegant as a diamond necklace, Chopard make some of the most stunning pieces of eyewear on the market. Using real gold, Swarovski crystals and some of the most detailed manufacturing techniques, each frame is truly a work of art. They have quickly become our most popular collection for ladies (although we do stock gents’ models as well).

But many clients I speak to aren’t familiar with the brand; many have heard of Tiffany & Co. or Cartier for example, but not Chopard, despite Chopard being considered internationally on par if not higher than those brands.

For an overview of the company’s history, check out their Wikipedia page.


De Rigo, manufacturers of Chopard eyewear, have been making frames since 1978.

I’ve been lucky to get an interview with Hannah Alley from De Rigo, the company that manufactures Chopard eyewear, to give you more information on the eyewear collection. Here it is:

(Robert Sands): How does the eyewear tie in with the jewellery that Chopard is world famous for?

(Hannah Alley): The De Rigo eyewear designers work closely with the Chopard jewellery designers to create beautiful collections in perfect synergy. Partially evident through its Imperiale jewellery collection showcasing a range of exquisite jewels starring sparkling diamonds and precious stones, similarly the Imperiale eyewear has been handcrafted to match its regal aura. The Imperiale eyewear collection displays precious stones cut with an exquisite sense of detail, accompanied by crystals and royal amethyst from the colour palette. The same can be seen with Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection, where a clean, sophisticated design is evident with each silver bracelet and diamond-embellished sunglass. Harmony and continuity are valued traits of Chopard and this is promoted beautifully throughout the collections.

Example of how the Imperiale Flower featured in the Jewellery in incorporated into the eyewear.

Imperial Flower

(RS): In what ways does the manufacturing differ from how a ‘regular’ frame is made?

(HA): Chopard eyewear is hand assembled by professional jewellers, making the process of manufacturing extremely sophisticated and precise with use of the highest quality materials to produce a truly luxurious collection. Also with use of the latest technology, De Rigo combines the handmade goldsmith work with an array of spectacular textures and we merge mahoganies and leathers with various styles to create the most contrasting and refined of frames.

De Rigo

Each frame is hand made by De Rigo artisans.

(RS): Which Chopard pieces were on show at the recent Cannes festival?

(HA): Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection was created perfectly for Cannes 2016, breathing incomparable glamour into the festival and its stunning nightly rituals. It was clear that celebrities adored the Chopard collections this year, from Victoria Beckham showcasing Chopard 18 karat white gold diamonds on her wrist and a ring in 18 karat white gold from the High Jewellery Collection, to Pixie Lott dazzling in spectacular Chopard Haute Joaillerie creations.

  1. Even more excitingly, we are ecstatic to announce that in light of the incredible Cannes Festival, Chopard introduces an exclusive new Sunglass made with 23 karat gold plates, featuring stunning clear gem set zircons and flash colour lenses. The inspiration for this remarkable new frame was taken from the ‘Preciosu Lace’ of Chopard’s beautiful Red Carpet Collection and has been seen by many well-known celebrities at the Cannes 2016 Festival.


Victoria Beckham wearing Chopard jewellery at the recent Cannes festival.


The Exclusive new Cannes 2016 Sunglass

(RS): What will we see in the future of Chopard eyewear?

(HA): Chopard are always looking ahead in the luxury world and are constantly aiming to use the latest and finest of materials. By increasing their selection of precious materials using the most modern technology, Chopard hope to create collections that are consistently contrary and unique, combining textures such as carbon fibre or elegant walnut with compelling styles and zircons taken from diverse and ever-changing colour palettes.

Thanks again to Hannah for taking the time to speak to us. If you have any questions for either of us, please call me on 01772 312213 or tweet me @specfactory


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