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Choose the Best Opticians in Eccleston for Your Best Vision

Opticians in Eccleston with an excellent reputation are available for your eye-care needs. It is important to choose an optician with the necessary experience and skill to ensure you receive the service that is best for you. We are available to assist. Give us a ring to schedule an appointment. We can begin with a through eye test. Using the latest technology, coupled with our experience, you’ll receive the most comprehensive eye test you’ve ever had. Our team follows strict Covid protocols to ensure both our client and our staff’ safety. The eye test that we provide is more than a simple eye test. It guarantees your perfect vision.

There are a number of steps in our eye tests. In Eccleston, opticians begin your eye test with a thorough examination of your eyes. This is the examination before assessing your vision. We use the Zeiss i-Profiler. A unique technology, it measures your i-scription. It is 25 times more accurate than a normal prescription. Thereafter, we use the Visufit 1000. This technology measures every aspect of how you wear your glasses. Hence, this ensures we make your glasses to the highest accuracy.  You’ll also have the opportunity to choose the perfect frames for your glasses. We have a huge selection of excellent quality frames from a number of top brands. Not only will you have your best vision, but you’ll do so stylishly and comfortable. Once you have chosen your ideal frames, we can manufacture your lenses in our on-site lab.

Opticians in Ecccleston are available to assist you with your best vision. On top of that, we offer a VIP programme. This means that you’ll receive great benefits such as free servicing, repairs and adjustments for life. Additionally, every 6 months you’ll have the opportunity for a comprehensive service on your eyewear. For more details on how our opticians can assist you, contact The Spectacle Factory today. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment. In addition, we are confident that you’ll love your new glasses, and we provide a 3 week period in which you can change them for another style. Change the way you view your world with the best opticians for you.


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