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Be The Boss: Hugo Boss Glasses

Be The Boss – With style advice direct from Hugo Boss


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Examples from last year’s #MASTERTHELIGHT collection which were featured on our Designer Open Day

If you’re a guy in need of glasses or sunglasses and looking for some style advice, you should find this blog really useful. One of our coolest and most popular brands for men is Hugo Boss. So I thought it would be a good idea to get the thoughts of Rob Pritchard, regional representative for Hugo Boss eyewear, on the current trends in glasses and sunglasses…

(Robert Sands): Hi Rob, thanks for agreeing to do this blog with me to hopefully help out our clients. First of all, this being the height of summer, what are the most popular Hugo Boss sunglass styles at the moment?

(Rob Pritchard): Hi Rob, no problem… This is a difficult one because the Hugo Boss range is such a big collection; you have something for every event, face shape and purse.

The best-selling sunglasses have been very different in style. For example the Boss 665/S is a classic square shape but still is one of the most popular. I am wearing this particular pair at the moment and I find you can wear them at any occasion. Classic and well-made, but a simple design.

Boss 777

The next sunglass on the best-selling/most popular list is the Boss 777/S with use of wood temples and round eye shape. This particular model also has a mirror tint. Super cool design!

This sunglass is completely different to the 665/S but this is why the Boss range is so hot at the moment; it has both classic and high fashion on trend designs like this model. 

784 s

The last sunglass I would like to talk about is the 784/S. This model really surprised me when it was released. Hugo Boss is usually modern, sophisticated, elegant, simple and classic with some sports sunglasses. This pair are quite edgy but have been a fantastic hit. They are part of the carbon fibre range with a carbon fibre front. Because of affiliation with F1, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg they have been a massive hit.


(RS): Do you think the trend towards round shapes in eyewear is here to stay?

(RP): I have worked in and around optics for over 20 years and fashions do full circle (no pun intended). You only have to look back 10 years when larger thicker plastic acetate frames first came back into fashion. Now every other frame is a larger plastic!

I think at the moment round is getting more fashionable. I see a lot of different ranges and more and more have a larger selection of round eyes. You only have to turn on the TV and see what everyone is wearing and that round eyes are doing the rounds again! (sorry, i couldn’t help myself).

I think we are right at the beginning of the comeback of the round eye. It’s definitely here for a good few years again!


(RS): For those wanting a more classic, perhaps smarter look, what are the latest releases from Hugo Boss they should consider?

(RP): Hugo Boss does classic really well, smart simple designs but well-constructed!

I particularly like the Boss iconic hinge frame; they have taken the patterns from the Boss clothing lines and subtly embedded them into the material of the frame. The hinge is hidden inside the arm with a metal vertical bar showing. No fuss, simple, but well made with the Hugo Boss branding at the temples. Modern but classic!


(RS): I think it’s a good idea to have a few different looks in your eyewear wardrobe; for those who are considering 2 or more pairs, do you think it’s best to stick with a similar shape in different colours and materials, or have different shapes altogether?

(RP): I agree it’s important to have different looks. We all dress differently at the weekend. I certainly have more than one pair of sunglasses. If you were wearing a classic hinge pair during the week for the professional look why not go for something different…

Lighter colour?


Or a different shape?


Or semi rimless style with carbon fibre arms?


It’s really up to the individual.

(RS): My favourite pieces in the current Hugo Boss collection are the ones featuring wooden temples with rubber on the inside. How are they manufactured?

(RP): I have a short video that explains exactly how they are made which is quite interesting.

(RS): I also love working with Optyl. Please could you tell people a little about why it’s such a great material?

(RP): There is lots of Optyl in the Hugo Boss collection.

 Optyl is a thermo plastic material developed to overcome the limitations of plastic.

It is extremely lightweight. In fact it is 20% lighter than acetate (which is used to make a lot of optical frames). It is very strong, doesn’t tarnish or fade and very easy to adjust with heat. So as a result of this is very comfy. You can definitely feel the difference when wearing a Optyl frame. 

(RS): That’s great Rob, thanks for taking the time to answer those questions, I’m sure our clients will find this helpful. Let’s meet up later in the year to look at the new arrivals for Autumn Winter?

(RP): Yes that sounds perfect, it was a pleasure speaking to you and best wishes to your customers.

If anyone has any questions for either of us, you can reach me on 01772 312213, tweet me @specfactory or email me at  And if anyone has any requests for subjects they’d like me to write a blog on, I’d love to hear from you!


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