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Aviator Glasses in Leyland

Change your style with Aviator glasses in Leyland. Really, with a pair of Aviator glasses and a leather bomber jacket you could reinvent yourself. It’s the original “cool” look. Every so often the trend cycles back into popularity, but it never really disappears. An upsurge in popularity in 2017 has continued with Aviators being the number 1 choice in 2019. Aviator glasses were designed back in 1936 for pilots as a replacement for flight goggles. The thinner, lighter and wonderfully designed replacements were functionally and aesthetically a huge improvement. As it turned out, the Aviator double-bridged frames are also timeless. Their appeal transcends age and gender.

While most popular as sunglasses, Aviators are also chosen for prescription clear lenses by many. On people with all face shapes in Leyland, Aviator glasses look good. They are very easy and comfortable to wear. Count on them for full protection from UV rays. At the Spectacle Factory, you can find Aviator frames by some of your favourite designers. Our specialised approach to eye exams assures your prescription lenses will provide the best vision you’ve ever had. Whether you choose clear lenses, protective sunglasses or both, we will make sure your fit is perfect. We bring the latest technology to all areas from an eye exam, to lens manufacturing on-site to fitting. You will look, see and feel better in your glasses than ever before.

There is something about wearing Aviator glasses in Leyland that inspires confidence in your vision and appearance. You might start to feel a little swagger in your step. Some of that flyboy charisma rubs off on you. Why not enjoy that? And while you’re enjoying it you can see better than you’ve ever seen before. You bought the sunglasses so you are protecting your vision from sun damage. Those are the reasons you buy glasses after all. But when you can also make a fashion statement and boost your confidence a little while caring for your eyes, that’s a bargain. For more about our Aviator glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory. Call and schedule your appointment today with us for your eye exam and walk out feeling like you could fly.


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