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Want The Best Vision At Home Or In The Office?

Want the best vision at home or in the office?

Most people have heard of reading glasses, varifocal glasses and bifocal glasses. But there’s another category of lenses that could be much better for you, called indoor glasses.

Why aren’t reading glasses that good for reading?

Reading Glasses

The problem with Single Vision reading glasses is that they can only be made to work for one distance at a time. In the real world, we read at different distances! This means someone wearing reading glasses has to adjust their posture constantly, for example leaning closer to a computer screen as you can see in the image above.

So I need Varifocals or Bifocals?

Reading Glasses 2

Yes and no. Varifocals in particular are great in the sense they let you see at every distance clearly (although some are better than others). However, they are designed to be emphasised towards your vision in the distance. This means a relatively small area is set aside for reading. In the image above, you can see the lady has to lift her head to see the computer screen.

What’s the solution?

Reading 3

At The Spectacle Factory, we offer a type of glasses called indoor glasses. They’re a complete replacement for reading glasses that allows you to see everywhere around the home or in the office, and basically they give you the best vision possible for any indoor environment. From the picture above, you can see they allow you to read comfortably in a natural position even at a longer distance.

How do they work?

Hoya 2
Hoya 3
Hoya 4

That’s where we come in. At The Spectacle Factory, we use special iPad software to show you exactly what your vision would be like looking through different types of lenses. As an example, I’ve taken some screenshots of what that is like to use. For this demonstration, I’ve used it on my computer as I’ve been writing this blog and looking at a magazine which was on my desk.

You can see that at a comfortable distance, they were about the same for reading, but the customised indoor lens was totally clear at the computer distance (apart from a little distortion around the edges), whereas the reading glasses weren’t.

What’s more, if I needed, I could see around the shop … with reading glasses I would have had to take my glasses off and then put them back on again to read. This way, I could keep my glasses on the entire time I was in the office and be able to see everything I needed to. You can see for yourself here using the iPad technology:

Hoya 5

To conclude, indoor lenses are the BEST solution for anyone looking to get the clearest, most comfortable vision for tasks such as cooking and cleaning, using a computer, shopping, watching TV etc.

How are we able to make the lenses so you can see everywhere easily with one pair of glasses?

That’s where our iTerminal from Zeiss comes in.


We use this amazing piece of technology to analyse everything about how you wear you glasses, from your posture to how they sit on your face, meaning they are completely tailored to you. They work perfectly… in fact, we guarantee that, or your money back!

I hope you’ve found this blog useful, remember it next time you’re frustrated your glasses aren’t making things clear everywhere you need to see.

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