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Want The Best Driving Glasses?

Want the best driving glasses? Read on for a comprehensive look at 2 lens technologies currently on the market.

Did you know that just getting your prescription in a pair of glasses doesn’t get you the clearest vision for driving? That’s because a prescription only corrects the deficiencies in your sight. Today I’m going to talk about 2 lens technologies that actually enhance your vision.

The reason 2 separate technologies have been developed is because there are 2 very different driving experiences; day-time and night-time, and the demands on your vision are vastly different in both situations. I’ll outline how and why the technologies work in this blog.


This is my favourite lens technology of all. That’s because I wear my Drivewear glasses every single time I drive (which is what they are intended for) and I notice a massive improvement in my vision when I put them on… here’s a photo I took the other day to help you see just how much difference they make:

A Drivewear lens is made up of several layers which each have a function:

Polarised Layer

This cuts out 99.9% of glare, which comes from reflective surfaces like a wet road surface, your car windscreen or rain droplets. That makes your vision much clearer, because glare appears as a white shine that obscures your view. It also relaxes your eyes.

Amber Tinted Layer

The base colour of a Drivewear lens is designed to enhance contrast and depth perception, so you can see sharper and react faster. It’s designed specifically for low light or overcast environments.

Transitions Photochromic Layers

Drivewear lenses feature 2 types of photochromic layers, designed to react to different types of light. One responds to UV exposure, like other photochromic technologies, but what’s really special about the other is it reacts to visible light. Most ordinary lenses don’t do this, which is why they don’t darken when you need them to in the car. But Drivewear does. And it reacts quickly too.


The overall benefit of Drivewear technology is it gives you the most comfortable and clearest vision for driving in any situation during daylight hours. They also make excellent sunglasses for when you’re out of the car.

2. Zeiss Drivesafe

One of the newest technologies on the market from famous German lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss, Drivesafe is a lens designed to maximise your vision in night time conditions. There are 3 ways it does this, explained in this video:

The most common complaint I get from anyone about their vision is about driving at night. Headlights, streetlights and reflections can be at best distracting and at worst dazzling. Drivesafe is a unique technology that enhances your vision in low light or at night so you can drive more comfortably and more safely.

At The Spectacle Factory, we can simulate all these types of lenses to help you understand exactly how much your vision could be improved. For example, here’s a comparison of a lens with and without Drivesafe using our special iPad software from Hoya:


If you’d like any more information on glasses for driving, or how to improve your vision in general, please feel free to call Robert on 01772 312213, or tweet me @specfactory any time.

Thanks for reading.


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