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Varifocals in Preston

Varifocals in Preston should be customised to your individual sight requirements. Your vision is as unique to you as your fingerprint, which is why standard off-the-shelf glasses simply won’t make the cut. Many people suffer from eyesight problems that require varifocal lenses; most often, it is simply the natural deterioration of your sight with age. Varifocal glasses improve your clarity of vision while reducing strain on the eyes, but the lenses need to be optimised to your particular needs in order to do so most effectively. Your depth of vision may differ from the next person, so why would you choose the same glasses as them?

At The Spectacle Factory, we tailor make glasses and lenses just for you. In Preston, varifocals can be fitted to a variety of frames or left frameless according to your tastes. To create your perfect glasses, we have a unique and innovative consultation that examines everything from the curvature of your eye to your posture to find the lens that best improves your eyesight. This is done with a three step programme using VisuReal software and the iTerminal to test and examine your eyesight. You can try out a variety of different lenses and effects digitally before having the ideal lens combination made. Once the most suitable varifocal lens has been selected, we will manufacture it on site with your choice of frames.

Our varifocals in Preston will help you experience a clear new world with better vision. Our friendly team consists of professional optometrists, such as PhD graduates and university lecturers, placing you in the most capable of hands. Contact The Spectacle Factory for bifocals that are custom made to your requirements. Our services are comprehensive and affordable. We combine a traditional passion for quality and customer care with state of the art, innovative technology and top quality workmanship to bring you the pair of glasses that you have always wanted and needed.



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