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Varifocal Contact Lenses in Brindle

You might consider getting varifocal contact lenses in Brindle if you are struggling to see up close or far distances.  Gone are the days when the only corrective eyewear was glasses. Contact lenses have proved any excellent and comfortable alternative to wearing glasses. Affordable, easy to use and suitable for most wearers, corrective eyesight other than spectacles is available.  Contact lenses are thin, curved lenses placed on the film of tears on the surface of your eyes. While they are usually clear, they are often given a slight tint to make them easier to handle for the wearer.

In Brindle, varifocal contact lenses can be obtained at The Spectacle Factory.  From your first visit for the eye test to the end result you will be in the best hands possible. Varifocal contact lenses work well for reading, medium and far distances and this can be accommodated in one lens.  It is ideal for those who have had to wear bi-focal spectacles.  The optometrist will spend a longer time with you during your initial eye test and using the latest in ipad application technology – VisuReal software – will show you what the difference in the focus will be.  This is done by using your own lens specifications which is incorporated in the application.

Varifocal contact lenses in Brindle are a preferred choice by those who have had to wear bi-focal glasses. The Spectacle Factory is proud of their excellent reputation for providing a commendable service to all their customers.  They take the time to find out exactly what your requirements are, and with their experience and expertise ensure that you receive the eyewear you need. The Spectacle Factory opened its doors in 1996 and continue to provide an outstanding service to all who visit them.  They insist on the best prices on all the products they sell, which means not only are you getting a superior service, but competitive rates too. If you would like to know how varifocal contact lenses can help you, contact The Spectacle Factory.

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