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Top Quality Same Day Glasses in Preston at Excellent Prices

We offer same day glasses in Preston at The Spectacle Factory. It’s likely that you don’t have time to waste so the majority of our glasses can be ready the same day as your eye exam. You won’t have to make a second trip to pick up your glasses and be fitted except in rare circumstances We won’t be rushing you through the exam process and fitting either. But do allow yourself more time at our facility than you normally would at another optometrist. We’re not slow, we are just very thorough. As we use specialised technology to the fullest, we ensure your prescription is exact. Not close; close does not count.  We want exact.

The eye exam itself will take considerably longer than any exam you’ve had before. In Preston, same day glasses means you need some time for choosing frames. We stock over 1200 styles from all the best designers, unusual frames that caught our fancy and even the ordinary. You won’t find this selection at most optometrists offices. You’ll be thrilled because you don’t have to settle for ordinary; but you can if you want to. Then there’s the fitting. We don’t just set the frames on your nose and say “how’s that?” Technology is used for that as well. It’s important because without a proper fit, customised to you, you won’t’ see your absolute best. It’s not just how the frames set on your face; it’s how you hold your head and your overall posture.

You will need to give us some time to create your same day glasses in Preston. Our lab is on site and they’ll need a bit of time to get it right. The products we use offer a clarity you may never have experienced before. Our technicians are artists at their work. They work with precision to create the precise prescription you need. The team has all the measurements and information needed to create lenses that will allow you to see better than you’ve ever seen before. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your eye exam and get your glasses the same day. By the time you leave, you’ll be looking great and your vision will be the best it’s ever been.


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