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The Importance Of Regular Kids’ Eye Tests In Bamber Bridge

In order to safeguard the vision of your children, they should regularly have kids’ eye tests in Bamber Bridge. In many cases, receiving regular eye examinations at an early age can prevent the risk of your child developing serious eye problems in the future. Eye examinations and associated treatments for children are available through the NHS so it is a great way of looking after the eyes of your children. Recent reports indicate that as many as 10% of children under the age of four have problems with their eyes. As they get a little older, this figure increases to almost 25%. As you can see, the problem is not uncommon so it is vital to arrange an eye test as soon as possible. If your child does not require any initial treatment or does not need to utilise any corrective measure such as spectacles, an eye test should be taken a minimum of every two years. If they do need corrective eye equipment then an eye test is advisable at least once a year.

In Bamber Bridge, kids’ eye tests are becoming increasingly popular. Many parents understand the problems associated with eye problems and act quickly to ensure that they do not escalate. It is very important that your child has good vision as they require it for a number of activities during their early years. In order to learn new skills and develop their knowledge levels they need good near, long and binocular co-ordination. For other activities that involve learning or movement then they must have adequate levels of peripheral awareness and hand to eye co-ordination. All of these aspects are tested when you take them to an eye specialist.

If you are looking for kids eyes tests in Bamber Bridge then the NHS provide some excellent options. One such clinic is the Spectacle Factory which specialises in eye tests and treatments for children. They possess a team of experienced staff members including optometrists such as James Goloba who has over twenty years worth of experience and Neil Retallic who also provides tuition for people studying to become optometrists. The team is completed by Dr Aleksandra Mankowska who also operates a hospital clinic. Ring The Spectacle Factory today!

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