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Never Neglect Necessary Kids Eye Tests in Mawdesley

At The Spectacle Factory, kids’ eye tests in Mawdesley are a specialised service easily available for children of all ages.  Giant leaps in technological advances have helped us to bring you the best there is in vision care for children. Our highly researched, three step formula is revolutionary where customized vision solutions   to the finest degree are designed by us. Our bespoke solutions offer you exclusive options which would be any ophthalmologist’s delight, not to mention exclusive benefits for our end users who also avail deals at great price cuts.

For families in Mawdsley, kids’ eye tests are an important service and we at The Spectacle Factory know this only too well. These specialised tests are designed by expert opticians to catch eye disturbances in children early so they can be arrested or treated immediately. As we know human vision continues to develop up till the age of seven or eight. Early assessments and detection of eye defects is essential, and for these we have a number of  kids vision tests including The Red Reflex Test, The Pupil Test, Tests for attention to visual objects, The Refraction Test, Colour Deficiency Tests and a range of Movement Tests. The Smellen and LogMar Charts are also valuable in kids’ eye assessments. It is imperative that continuous and timely eye tests are conducted periodically to avoid missing some childhood eye conditions like lazy eye, Strabismus, far or near-sightedness, colour blindness and astigmatism.

Kids’ eye tests in Mawdesley is a service at The Spectacle Factory. Sometimes eye difficulties may not be communicated clearly by a young child. Symptoms to watch out for include headaches, poor eye hand co-ordination, rubbing of eyes and reading issues. When you need to book your kid’s eye test, contact us. Our experts will be able to effectively assess any underlying vision defect using our three step formula for better vision. We are stockists of the widest range of Child Friendly Specs, notably the NanoVista kids range, specially designed by Spanish paediatricians. This non-breakable, no-screws, comfort wear range ensures that your child will avail of the best vision solutions  suited to his/ her needs without being hampered in any way.


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