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Tag Heuer Glasses in Leyland

Get yourself a pair of the latest Tag Heuer glasses in Leyland that combine style and quality with functionality. At The Spectacle Factory, we offer a dazzling array of world-class eye-wear products ranging from glasses to frames, spectacles and sunglasses. Tag Heuer derives inspiration from contemporary design elements and top-quality craftsmanship. The brand is known internationally for its luxury line of sports eyewear, prescription tag sunglasses and eye-glasses. Finesse combined with integrated design, performance-enhancing materials and cutting-edge engineering technology together create a great fusion of fashion and function. Whether you want a modern sporty style or a formal elegant look, we have it all ready for you.

The Spectacle Factory provides end-to-end solutions for all your eye-wear needs. In Leyland Tag Heuer glasses can be purchased after a detailed professional examination by our expert optometrists. They spend at least 50% more time with clients than the industry average, using the latest equipment to come up with the most accurate results. You also get to try out a range of eye-wear using the latest VisuReal software. Virtual reality allows you to view the world using different types of lenses that incorporate your prescription. We also analyze component aspects like your posture, use of leading eye and positioning of glasses to ensure that your eye-glasses are perfectly tailored for you. This guarantees better vision so you don’t need to make multiple trips for adjustments later.

Tag Heuer glasses in Leyland are just one of the leading international names that we stock. We travel round the world to get you the latest in comfort, technology and precision. If you’re bored with visiting opticians who stock standard frames and brands, we offer some great choices. Contact The Spectacle Factory for more information about out Tag Heuer range. Our philosophy is based on four main criteria: Comfort, Style, Performance and Durability. We believe that all these four aspects can be incorporated into a single world-class product. Tag Heuer is justly famous for its innovative designs, ergonomic engineering and use of advanced materials. For instance, their frames incorporate the same rubber that’s used in Formula One racing cars, ensuring top-class grip.


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