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Showcase – Designer Sunglasses in Preston

As the largest stockist of designer sunglasses in Preston and beyond, we get asked lots of questions by clients looking for a new pair. So, we put together this article to answer some of the most common ones. If you need a new pair of good quality sunglasses, this article is sure to help you.

Which sunglasses provide the most sun protection?

This is not as simple as you might think! There are various types of light your eyes need protection from – Ultra-Violet (UV), Infra-Red (IR), High Energy Visible (HEV) and Glare.

All of our sunglasses provide excellent sun protection, but of course some are better than others. As a rule of thumb, Maui Jim is the brand to look for if you simply want the best all-round protection. Here’s a link explaining why in more detai

The Mongoose sunglasses are one of our favourite styles from Maui JIm. Click the image for more info.

Having said that, don’t rule out other brands which often also have excellent quality lenses. If you want prescription sunglasses, you can get still get Maui Jim’s, but we think these are even better:

Which sunglass styles are in fashion for ladies?

Oversized frames and unique shapes are definitely a trend. Here is a great example from Chloe:

The Chloe 0003S is available in Pink, Blue, Orange and Yellow. Click the image to see the other colours.

Lighter colours and particularly gold metallic frames make a great fashion statement in 2021. We love the Cancun from Eco eyewear:


We offer the Cancun in 4 colours. Click the image to shop.

Which sunglass styles are in fashion for men?

Round frames and minimalistic materials for sure. These Modo sunglasses are a perfect example:

For a more subtle look, these frames come in all black with non-mirrored lenses. Click the photo to shop.

Again, you don’t want to go too small when choosing your new sunglasses. In fact, another surprising trend has been large wraparound, sporty, shield sunglasses like this example from the Lewis Hamilton X Police collection:

You will see Lewis wearing this style to most of the F1 races, although this colour way is unique for him. We offer it in orange and black. Click the image to shop.

You will also notice the mirrored finishes on both of these styles. Mirrored lenses are one of the big trends in 2021, and add a really cool finish to the right frames.

What tint is right for me?

This is very dependent on what you want to wear them for. Wearing them casually? we’re loving blue tints at the moment, which is a very relaxing and on-trend colour.

For golf, purple is best, followed by green or amber. Other sports have their own specific optimal colour. Contact us for personal advice on this.

I mainly use sunglasses for driving, which ones should I choose?

Polarised lenses are very useful if you do a lot of driving. They block reflections from the road surface and windscreen which could be blinding.

DriveWear lenses, as the name suggests, were created to be perfect for driving, and they combine polarisation with an amber colour which improves your ability to judge distances and photochromic technology which adjusts the darkness of your sunglasses as the conditions change. This last point makes them perfect for UK weather as they are particularly good in rainy or overcast conditions.

Which are the best ‘designer’ brands?

Here at The Spectacle Factory, we are champions of independent eyewear – glasses and sunglasses made by companies who live and breathe what they do – as opposed to some of the bigger names who simply license their brand name to be made by other manufacturers – often cheaply in the Far East. We recommend to avoid Luxottica brands such as Ray-Ban.

But some of the ‘designer sunglasses’ brands like Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo and Gucci, do actually represent great quality and value. If you visit our store just off the M6 and M65 motorways in Bamber Bridge, you will have access to 100’s of styles and we will guide you through the process to selecting your perfect pair.

Can they be made in my prescription?

Everything discussed in this article can be made by us in virtually any prescription, so you aren’t limited at all. Great news for glasses wearers.

Photochromic lenses can also be a great choice for certain use cases. They mean your glasses become sunglasses in the right conditions. If you’re thinking of getting a set, this video gives you 3 tips to make sure you get it right:

With the right frames, Photochromic technology can be a great addition to your glasses.

We hope you have found this article useful. Our twitter account is a great resource for staying up to date on the latest styles, trends and technologies. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we would be delighted to help.


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