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Same Day Glasses in Leyland, When You Need New Glasses in a Hurry

We are The Spectacle Factory where same day glasses in Leyland are always possible. That is, after all, what factories do; they make many things every day. Our factory is special because we have an extraordinary staff of Optometrists, technicians, fitters and support staff. In addition, we have and utilise some of the latest, finest and most accurate technology available. All that and more is what it takes to do what we do. What we do is make custom eyewear that will allow you to see better than you ever have before. With rare exceptions, we can do it in one day. Our on-site lab makes that possible.

Your past experience may have been far different because the clinicians sent your prescription to an off-site lab. It could take a week to ten days to get them back but in Leyland, same day glasses are normal. Another surprise we have for new customers is our frames selection. Selecting your frames with us is probably going to take more time than it ever has before. We have over a thousand frames from which to choose. We have all the usual frames found at most optometric practices. But then we also have an extensive range of designer frames. If you still haven’t found your perfect frame, then check out our inspired selection of frames our buyers have gathered from all around the world.

When you make an appointment with us for same day glasses in Leyland, your exam will take longer. Our exams are carried out so the final prescription will be as close as possible to exact. We want you to see, not just better, but better than ever before.  Fitting is going to take longer. We use a newer technology that takes into account your posture, head position and your particular line of sight. Contact The Spectacle Factory if you want to see better than ever before. Keep in mind it’s going to take longer to go through our examination and fitting.  If you want to see better than ever before and you have the time to go through our examination and fitting steps, you will get same day glasses. Check our 5-star ratings.


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