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Same Day Glasses in Chorley Offered by an Expert Team

The Spectacle Factory offers same day glasses in Chorley. Now, you might think that’s just for emergencies. It’s for when you need glasses now because yours are broken. After all, it took two appointments and ten days to finally get that pair you just broke. So for you, this is an emergency. For now, you are going to get those same day glasses even though they’ll have to be temporary until you get around to getting your real ones. Come on in because you are in for a pleasant surprise at The Spectacle Factory. We are going to conduct an eye exam for you to determine your best prescription. This will probably be the longest eye exam you’ve ever participated in. You should set aside about an hour and a half just for the vision test.

Our optometrists conduct a few extra tests using some new technologies that help refine your prescription. For those of you in Chorley, same day glasses will allow you to see probably better than you ever have before. Once we have your prescription you can select a frame from our over 1200 designer, not designer and unusual selections. Your lenses will be ground from the finest materials by professionals in our on site lab. Part of the personalised fitting of your new glasses will factor in your peripheral vision and the natural position of your head which dictates your level of sight. The fitting is as important as the prescription because they work together to give you your best vision.

Same day glasses in Chorley is not a temporary fix when you’re pressed for time. We carry out this same procedure for all of our clients all day long every day. The one goal is that our clients will leave our facility seeing better than they ever have before. Breaking those old glasses may be the best thing that ever happened to your vision. We are able to provide same day glasses 95% of the time. You won’t have to miss lunch and you’ll be home for dinner. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule an appointment. You don’t have to wait for an emergency like broken glasses to take advantage of our same day services.


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