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Rimless Glasses in Elston

It is likely that you know the benefit of light rimless glasses in Elston if you wear glasses. Frames can sometimes be heavy on your face especially after a long hard day at work. Even though we fit your glasses to be as comfortable as possible even then best can start to be uncomfortable. The first step to getting the right glasses is to let us test your vision. We have a 50 % longer eye test than the industry average and use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results. Using VisuReal software we can find the lens that best suits your needs. We also check your posture to make sure your new glasses are comfortable according to your natural habits.

You need to wear glasses but you want to stay fashionable. In Elston, rimless glasses enhance your facial features. They make your eyes stand out without putting them in a frame. We use only the finest quality lenses for our glasses and have them manufactured by such reputable companies as Carl Zeiss and Hoya. The lenses are the base of rimless glasses as there is no frame and we can make your new rimless glasses in our specialist workshop while you wait. We make sure that the position of the lenses on your face gives you the sharpest clarity of vision. Each pair of glasses undergoes a meticulous quality control process which ensures that every pair of spectacles is perfect.

We supply a wide range of rimless glasses in Elston. Contact The Spectacle Factory today or book and appointment to see us. Our expert opticians are highly qualified with one being a university lecturer. We have been in business for over 21 years and have grown to include our own manufacturing workshop so that we can offer a complete service. We spend time with all our customers to establish exactly what their needs are. Through this we can identify the perfect solution and supply glasses that will improve their vision as never before. We do not believe we are producing a pair of glasses but rather a bespoke piece of eyewear.


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